En francais…avec les photos…

Si vous en voulez l’inscription d’evenement en francais avec les .gifs, veuillez aller ici: http://cmnmfacebook.tumblr.com/post/47330278836/le-1er-masturbe-o-thon-de-montreal


7 thoughts on “En francais…avec les photos…

  1. Hi,
    I am happy there will be another masturbate-a-thon soon. May I suggest that social interaction be more encouraged. There could be an “opening circle” where people can talk, there could be interractive games to help break the ice. And why not allow some consensual touchi in the main mastubation room, like holding hand or helping someone masturbating for example. I say that because in the first masturbate-a-thon I found the atmosphere cold and somewhat unhuman, especially at the beggining of the evening where a lot of people (and I) seamed lost and embarassed. Also, I found the orgasm and ejaculation contests encouraging pornography, and where disruptive of the flow of the evening, where everybody stopped to watch it because it was “the thing” going on. I strongly suggest to replace those contests by opportunities like joining little groups and have some verbal sharing and social interration while masturbating, like to encourage each other, to laugh together to make the experience lighter and more natural and to get (very much) more excited sexually from this human interration with each other (talk, laugh, sounds, visual, and why not some consensual touch).

    • Hello, Pierre: Thank you for your comment! We feel it is very important to maintain a feeling of safety and respect that there will be no touching on the masturbation floor. This is not a negotiable rule, unfortunately — you are welcome to bring a friend to masturbate with, to look at, or to ejaculate on, but definitely no touching to make sure everybody feels safe. I like the idea of ice breaker games, but I wasn’t aware we needed them last time! It only took about five minutes for everybody to start masturbating when we announced the floor was open, but I would be interested to hear what kind of games you have in mind?

  2. Hi Claire, is it possible to pay the day of the activity or do we have to pay online before? I just cant think of my girlfriend seeing my visa account with the name masturbation lol

    Another question. Is there an email I can write to to have more information and learn where the activity will take place?

  3. Hi Spy:

    The vent shows up as “Brown Paper Tickets” on a credit card statement so you are good to go! It is discreet. We only release the event address/location to people who have prepaid, so you will not be able to find out where the event is unless you prepurchase tickets. You can contact us with more questions at claire at clairelitton dot com. Thanks!

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