Starting to hammer out the scheduling

We are starting to pin down the scheduling for the Masturbate-a-thon!

Doors open at 9pm (to accommodate Montreal nightlife…we know most of you will be late). There will be a welcome and show at 10pm, after which the floor is open to all of you for the rest of the night!

The evening will involve several competitions:

  • endurance/stamina — longest amount of time spent masturbating
  • distance — furthest ejaculation, male and female
  • number of orgasms — yes, it’s possible that you could win this one and the endurance prize at the same time

The evening will also involve: genitalia colouring pages and activities, the launch of the Sexporeum project (Cameryn Moore’s new adult sex education interactive exhibit), and the occasional show by willing participants. We will also have participation by Audiosmut, the CKUT radio show on all things smut.

Come on out…then cum on out! Bring your friends!


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