Montreal Masturbate-a-thon 2: HAPPY WANKMAS

To celebrate the holiday season, we are inviting you to come alone (or with friends) to HAPPY WANKMAS — Montreal’s second masturbate-a-thon.

Save the date: DECEMBER 7, 2013

Location: To Be Announced the day before to everyone who prepurchased tickets

Cost: $30 for non-masturbating men (cis and trans), $20 for masturbating men and all women (cis and trans)

Buy tickets:

Tell your friends! More info as it be-CUMS available!



5 thoughts on “Montreal Masturbate-a-thon 2: HAPPY WANKMAS

    • Montreal Masturbate-a-thon will be held on May 3. You can check back here or on for updates!

      The event is not separated by gender, all voyeurs and masturbators are welcome on the masturbation floor. There are many rules to ensure people feel safe, however, and they are enforced by floor monitors to make sure everyone is welcome.

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